[csw-maintainers] mGar RFE *** new make target reset-source ***

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Thu Jul 2 20:43:46 CEST 2009

Hi Mike,

Am 02.07.2009 um 20:21 schrieb Mike Watters:
> could we get an option to reset the package back to post-extract  
> status.

 From where? patch, configure or build?

> it should be fairly easy although, I am not sure how to deal with the
> patches...  I think they make a backup of the original.
> will do some more research on how the patches are done and how to  
> revert them,
> unless you have it figured out.   ;-)

The patching-thing is not solved well currently in GAR. I am thinking
of something like
   gmake preparepatch
which unpacks the sources multiple times like
   work/pristine-<mod>   Pristine, unpatched sources
   work/patched-<mod>    Patched sources
   work/build-<mod>      Patches sources that will be worked on
pristine-* will just be unpacked and always stay that way. As maintainer
you than start editing files in patched-*. gmake makepatch generates
a patch from the diffs between pristine-* and patched-*. After including
the patch in PATCHFILES you can do
   gmake repreparepatch
and pristine-* will contain the sources with the patches from PATCHFILES
applied and patched-* a copy from that to generate more patches.

Feel free to enhance this draft.

Best regards

   -- Dagp

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