[csw-maintainers] Library problem?

Jeffery Small jeff at cjsa.com
Tue Jul 7 08:49:09 CEST 2009

I have just started noticing that something has changed on my system and
now a number of applications are displaying all text as rectangular boxes.
The rapidsvn application is one example.  This occurs even though these
applications have not changed, so the problem must be in a library.  My
best guess is that it might be glib2 or gtk2, but I actually know little
about them, so this is just a guess.  However, I have another app. that did
not come from CSW but is linked to these two libraries, so I think they may
be suspects.  Is anyone else seeing this problem, and if we can identify
the source, can we please get it fixed ASAP?

Jeffery Small

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