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Mike Watters mwatters at opencsw.org
Tue Jul 7 16:06:30 CEST 2009

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Jeffery Small wrote:
> I have just started noticing that something has changed on my system and
> now a number of applications are displaying all text as rectangular boxes.
> The rapidsvn application is one example.  This occurs even though these
> applications have not changed, so the problem must be in a library.  My
> best guess is that it might be glib2 or gtk2, but I actually know little
> about them, so this is just a guess.  However, I have another app. that did
> not come from CSW but is linked to these two libraries, so I think they may
> be suspects.  Is anyone else seeing this problem, and if we can identify
> the source, can we please get it fixed ASAP?
> Regards,

have you updated anything at all recently?

I can not be sure without more info, but my suspicion is you are missing
/opt/csw/etc/pango/pango.modules or the file contains the 64bit versions.

if you are running 1.24 you need to run
/opt/csw/bin/sparcv8/pango-querymodules >/opt/csw/etc/pango/pango.modules

for an earlier version you should run
/opt/csw/bin/pango-querymodules >/opt/csw/etc/pango/pango.modules

Please let us know if this does not fix the issue.

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