[csw-maintainers] "pkgconfig --exist ..." is telling porkies

James Lee james at opencsw.org
Wed Jul 8 10:45:58 CEST 2009

On 07/07/09, 21:03:34, William Bonnet <william at wbonnet.net> wrote regarding
Re: [csw-maintainers] "pkgconfig --exist ..." is telling porkies:

> Please also add  /opt/csw/X11/lib/pkgconfig to your  PKG_CONFIG_PATH

Yes, that helps, thanks.  My blind spot was the .pc files are in odd
places and that it needs things it really doesn't.

The CSW pkgconf should know where to look for the CSW pc files, ie
have this path coded in as the default.  The point of pkgconf is to
tell us paths, if I have to tell it the paths before it works it
defeats its point.  Doing a scan I see the CSW pc files are all over
the place.  It's a mess.


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