[csw-maintainers] How to deal with collisions?

Peter Bonivart bonivart at opencsw.org
Sun Oct 3 17:37:46 CEST 2010

Most of my collisions are with CSWperldoc, the documentation package
for Perl. Newer modules than Perl contains include the same man pages
in the same locations which causes the collisions.

I have no problem with removing the man pages from the module packages
since most users will never look at them anyway. On the other hand,
someone who installs CSWperldoc expects to get man pages! So no
problem there.

Different case with other files though. Below you see a few collisions
of executables, both the included in CSWperl executable and the one
from the module package go into /opt/csw/bin.

In this case it's harder to know what to do. If I remove the
executable from the module package functionality may be affected which
is worse than a somewhat outdated man page.

What to do? Deliver to another location and using alternatives? Too complicated?

Delete every module package in our catalog that causes these problems?
We're pretty up to date with Perl nowadays so the version difference
between what's included and what we can deliver in a separate package
may be marginal. The five collisions below are from only two packages.

bonivart,CSWpmmodcorelist,file-conflict,"/opt/csw/bin/corelist CSWperl
bonivart,CSWperl,file-conflict,"/opt/csw/bin/corelist CSWperl CSWpmmodcorelist"
bonivart,CSWperl,file-conflict,"/opt/csw/bin/cpan2dist CSWperl CSWpmcpanplus"
bonivart,CSWperl,file-conflict,"/opt/csw/bin/cpanp CSWperl CSWpmcpanplus"
bonivart,CSWperl,file-conflict,"/opt/csw/bin/cpanp-run-perl CSWperl

This is the 3rd case where the actual modules are colliding:

CSWpmtestsimple CSWpmtstbldrtester"
CSWpmtestsimple CSWpmtstbldrtester"

Two modules shouldn't use the same path..?


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