[csw-maintainers] implementation question for CSWalternatives

Philip Brown phil at bolthole.com
Mon Oct 4 22:32:48 CEST 2010

So, there is a technical problem that we need to overcome, for zones,
and "alternatives", and I am asking for feedback on this issue.

if you create a new zone, then if /opt/csw is not actually shared from
somewhere... then only things that are registered in the package
database, will get copied into

At the moment, CSWalternatives does NOT register the symlinks it creates.

it has been suggested to me, that registering them as part of the
CSWalternative package, would be the best way to go  (as opposed to
registering it as part of whichever package it is servicing)

Comparison, as best I can think of it, is as follows:

register with CSWalternatives:
  Good, because it then becomes easy to figure out if a link was
created by our alternatives,
  vs done by hand or something.

register with CSWxyz
  Good, because if it points to a particular implementation for the
symlink, then when
  that package is removed, the symlink will automatically get removed.
  But then again, it should automatically get removed by class action
script anyway, so...
  are there any other benefits this way?

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