[csw-maintainers] Samba 4

slowfranklin slowfranklin at opencsw.org
Mon Sep 2 19:15:37 CEST 2013

Am 02.09.2013 um 18:20 schrieb Laurent Blume <laurent at opencsw.org>:

> On 02/09/13 17:47, slowfranklin wrote:
>> Samba 4 includes all Samba 3 binaries, libs and stuff and can be used a drop-in upgrade.
> I've read that there are some configuration changes. Would an existing configuration just work with no change?

Afaict yes.


Upgrading a Samba 3 fileserver or NT4-style DC should just work, but of course we may need to test this.

I offer to work out the complete gar recipe based on this approach and then push packages to experimental where anybody interested can test em.

>> Hey, it's targetting unstable, isn't it? :)
>> And the Samba 4 series is now already at 4.0.9 iirc with a first 4.1 about to be released soon, so we better catch up. :)
> Well, I'm all in favour of having Samba 4 :-)
> But not at the cost of removing Samba 3 from unstable.

Well, Samba 4.0 is the current *stable* Samba release series. 

> We have to be realistic here: "testing" on OpenCSW is not usable in any of the production environments I've worked in.

Of course.

> It's simply not upgraded enough. We're not a Linux distro, we don't have the resources to backport patches to older versions to keep them secure.
> That's why I use unstable on my critical production boxes, with as much staging as I can.


>> They have the same origin, not a different one, so it's simply a package upgrade. It's major revision bump, but it _should_ be compatible. So I propose we test it out if it really is.
> Ok, so it means it's no longer needed to provide it with Samba 3 once the version from v4 is delivered? Good.
>> Switch to OpenCSW testing or don't upgrade unstable.
> We can't tell people that. Seriously.

But we can tell people: why are you sticking with 3.x when upgrading to 4.y is a non issue?

>> I said "no support" which was meant to express it's not run by anything.
> Okay, I still don't get it, I'll need to look at the thing :-)

In Samba 4 you still have smbd, nmdb, winbindd. Additionally you have a new binary named `samba' which is the one used for the whole AD stuff. But you can still run only smbd and friends. The updated package will use the exiting init/SMF stuff so it will only run smbd, nmdb and possibly winbindd by default.
Anybody who wants to run a AD DC must disable these and roll his own mechanims for starting `samba' (until we get around adding a default disabled SMF manifest or similar).


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