[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Dec 15 00:01:01 CET 2008

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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bash:3.2,REV=2008.11.30 - A sh-compatible command language interpreter
cyrus_imapd:2.3.13,REV=2008.11.30 - Pop and Imap server from the Cyrus mail system
cyrus_imapd_utils:2.3.13,REV=2008.11.30 - Various admin utilities for Cyrus Imapd/Popd
graphviz:1.18,REV=2008.10.28 - Graph drawing utilities with web and graphical interfaces.
lftp:3.7.6,REV=2008.11.30 - sophisticated command-line ftp/http client
libgsasl:0.2.29,REV=2008.12.09 - GNU SASL Library
libiconv:1.12,REV=2008.11.21 - GNU iconv library
libntlm:1.0,REV=2008.12.09 - Microsoft WinNT domain authentication library
libxml2:2.7.2,REV=2008.12.09 - XML Parser Library
libxml2_devel:2.7.2,REV=2008.12.09 - XML Parser Library
mantis:1.1.6,REV=2008.12.10 - Mantis is a free popular web-based bugtracking system
msmtp:1.4.16,REV=2008.12.11 - SMTP client
openjade:1.3.2,REV=2008.12.14 - A DSSSL implementation.
openssh:5.1,REV=2008.12.06_rev=p1 - OpenSSH Secure Shell
pkgutil:1.3,REV=2008.12.12 - Installs Solaris packages easily
pm_cyrus:2.3.13,REV=2008.11.30 - Perl interface to Cyrus Imap functions
pv:1.1.4,REV=2008.12.11 - Monitor the progress of data through a pipe
pylibxml2:2.7.2,REV=2008.12.09 - XML Parser Library
readline:5.2,REV=2008.12.11 - GNU readline
rrdtool:1.3.4,REV=2008.12.05 - time-series data logging and graphing.
sgmlcommon:0.6.3,REV=2008.12.13 - A collection of entities and DTDs
sysstat:20081207,REV=2008.12.09 - Key system statistics at a glance
vsftpd:2.0.7,REV=2008.11.30 - A very secure and fast FTP server.
xmlcommon:0.6.3,REV=2008.12.13 - A collection of entities and DTDs

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