[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Dec 22 00:01:01 CET 2008

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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bzip2:1.0.5,REV=2008.12.11 - a program and library for lossless, block-sorting data compression
clamav:0.94.2,REV=2008.12.18 - Clam AntiVirus
gadu:1.8.2,REV=2008.12.15 - Gadu-Gadu protocol implementation library
gd:2.0.35,REV=2008.12.14 - libgd, Graphics creation library and utilities
graphicsmagick:1.3.1,REV=2008.12.06 - The GraphicsMagick image manipulation tools & library
graphviz:1.18,REV=2008.12.15 - Graph drawing utilities with web and graphical interfaces.
gvim:7.2.69,REV=2008.12.18 - Vi IMproved with GTK+ support
libclamav:0.94.2,REV=2008.12.18 - Clam AntiVirus Library
libiconv:1.12,REV=2008.12.14 - GNU iconv library
mailscanner:,REV=2008.12.18 - A Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Filter
meanwhile:1.0.2,REV=2008.12.18 - open implementation of the lotus sametime community client
msmtp:1.4.16,REV=2008.12.11 - SMTP client
openjade:1.3.2,REV=2008.12.14 - A DSSSL implementation.
pca:20081218.01,REV=2008.12.19 - Patch Check Advanced
pidgin:2.5.2,REV=2008.12.18 - Multi-protocol IM client
pkg_get:4.0.1,REV=2008.12.15 - CSW version of automated package download tool
pkgutil:1.3.1,REV=2008.12.17 - Installs Solaris packages easily
pm_libwww:5.822,REV=2008.12.15 - a general-purpose Web API for Perl, based on W3C libwww.
pm_modload:0.12,REV=2008.12.15 - Runtime require of both modules and files
pm_modloadcond:0.28,REV=2008.12.18 - Query module information and load at runtime
pymxbase:3.1.1,REV=2008.10.31 - Date and Time types for Python
pypgsql:2.5.1,REV=2008.11.01 - A Python DB-API 2.0 interface to PostgreSQL v7.x
readline:5.2,REV=2008.12.11 - GNU readline
sgmlcommon:0.6.3,REV=2008.12.13 - A collection of entities and DTDs
silctoolkit:1.1.8,REV=2008.12.15 - secure internet live conferencing toolkit
vim:7.2.69,REV=2008.12.18 - Vi IMproved
vimrt:7.2.69,REV=2008.12.18 - vim shared runtime and documentation
xmlcommon:0.6.3,REV=2008.12.13 - A collection of entities and DTDs

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