[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Feb 2 00:01:01 CET 2009

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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ca_certificates:20090108,REV=2009.01.08 - CA certificates
emacs:22.3,REV=2008.12.05 - the Emacs editor based on the Athena toolkit
emacs_bin_common:22.3,REV=2008.12.05 - the Emacs editor common binaries
emacs_chooser:22.3,REV=2008.12.05 - the Emacs editor chooser
emacs_common:22.3,REV=2008.12.05 - the Emacs editor architecture neutral common components
emacs_el:22.3,REV=2008.12.05 - the Emacs editor elisp sources
emacs_gtk:22.3,REV=2008.12.05 - the Emacs editor based on the GTK toolkit
emacs_nox:22.3,REV=2008.12.05 - the Emacs editor without any XWindows dependencies
fontconfig:2.3.2,REV=2009.01.28 - A library for configuring and customizing font access.
libxslt:1.1.24,REV=2009.01.25 - XSLT engine runtime package
libxslt_devel:1.1.24,REV=2009.01.25 - XSLT engine development package
mailscanner:,REV=2009.01.23 - A Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Filter
openssl:0.9.8,REV=2009.01.28_rev=j - Openssl meta package
openssl_devel:0.9.8,REV=2009.01.28_rev=j - Openssl development support
openssl_rt:0.9.8,REV=2009.01.28_rev=j - Openssl runtime libraries
openssl_utils:0.9.8,REV=2009.01.28_rev=j - Openssl binaries and related tools
pm_emailsimple:2.005,REV=2009.01.26 - simple parsing of RFC2822 message format and headers
pylibxslt:1.1.24,REV=2009.01.25 - XSLT engine python package
texinfo:4.13a,REV=2009.01.23 - The GNU Documentation System
top:3.7,REV=2009.01.24 - UNIX system state reporter utility

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