[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Feb 9 00:01:00 CET 2009

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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boincclient:6.7.4,REV=2009.02.05_r17141 - BOINC volunteer distributed computing client
boincdevel:6.7.4,REV=2009.02.05_r17141 - BOINC volunteer distributed computing development libraries
boinclibs:6.7.4,REV=2009.02.05_r17141 - BOINC volunteer distributed computing libraries
boincmanager:6.7.4,REV=2009.02.05_r17141 - BOINC volunteer distributed computing GUI interface
dhcp:4.1.0,REV=2009.01.27 - ISC DHCP reference implementation
dhcp_devel:4.1.0,REV=2009.01.27 - ISC DHCP reference implementation
gperf:3.0.4,REV=2009.02.04 - A perfect hash function generator
gvim:7.2.093,REV=2009.01.29 - Vi IMproved with GTK+ support
lftp:3.7.8,REV=2009.01.24 - sophisticated command-line ftp/http client
pcre:7.8,REV=2009.02.04 - Perl-compatible regular expression tools
pcre_rt:7.8,REV=2009.02.04 - Perl-compatible regular expression runtime libraries
pidgin:2.5.4,REV=2009.02.02 - Multi-protocol IM client
pm_netdns:0.65,REV=2009.01.27 - Interface to the DNS resolver
vim:7.2.093,REV=2009.02.04 - Vi IMproved
vimrt:7.2.093,REV=2009.02.04 - vim shared runtime and documentation
zsh:4.3.9,REV=2009.02.04 - Powerful UNIX shell

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