[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Mar 1 00:01:07 CET 2010

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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doxygen:1.6.3,REV=2010.02.24 - A documentation system for programming languages
doxygen_doc:1.6.3,REV=2010.02.24 - doxygen documentation
firefox_l10n_af:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : af
firefox_l10n_ar:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : ar
firefox_l10n_be:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : be
firefox_l10n_bg:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : bg
firefox_l10n_bn_in:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : bn-IN
firefox_l10n_ca:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : ca
firefox_l10n_cs:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : cs
firefox_l10n_cy:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : cy
firefox_l10n_da:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : da
firefox_l10n_de:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : de
firefox_l10n_el:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : el
firefox_l10n_en_gb:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : en-GB
firefox_l10n_eo:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : eo
firefox_l10n_es_ar:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : es-AR
firefox_l10n_es_es:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : es-ES
firefox_l10n_et:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : et
firefox_l10n_eu:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : eu
firefox_l10n_fi:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : fi
firefox_l10n_fr:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : fr
firefox_l10n_fy_nl:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : fy-NL
firefox_l10n_ga_ie:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : ga-IE
firefox_l10n_gl:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : gl
firefox_l10n_gu_in:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : gu-IN
firefox_l10n_he:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : he
firefox_l10n_hi_in:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : hi-IN
firefox_l10n_hu:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : hu
firefox_l10n_id:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : id
firefox_l10n_is:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : is
firefox_l10n_it:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : it
firefox_l10n_ja:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : ja
firefox_l10n_ka:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : ka
firefox_l10n_kn:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : kn
firefox_l10n_ko:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : ko
firefox_l10n_ku:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : ku
firefox_l10n_lt:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : lt
firefox_l10n_lv:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : lv
firefox_l10n_mk:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : mk
firefox_l10n_mn:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : mn
firefox_l10n_mr:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : mr
firefox_l10n_nb_no:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : nb-NO
firefox_l10n_nl:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : nl
firefox_l10n_nn_no:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : nn-NO
firefox_l10n_oc:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : oc
firefox_l10n_pa_in:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : pa-IN
firefox_l10n_pl:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : pl
firefox_l10n_pt_br:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : pt-BR
firefox_l10n_pt_pt:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : pt-PT
firefox_l10n_ro:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : ro
firefox_l10n_ru:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : ru
firefox_l10n_si:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : si
firefox_l10n_sk:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : sk
firefox_l10n_sl:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : sl
firefox_l10n_sq:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : sq
firefox_l10n_sr:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : sr
firefox_l10n_sv_se:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : sv-SE
firefox_l10n_te:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : te
firefox_l10n_th:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : th
firefox_l10n_tr:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : tr
firefox_l10n_uk:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : uk
firefox_l10n_zh_cn:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : zh-CN
firefox_l10n_zh_tw:3.0.14,REV=2010.02.21 - Firefox language pack : zh-TW
gm4:1.4.14,REV=2010.02.25 - GNU m4 Unix macro processor
icon_naming_utils:0.8.90,REV=2010.02.25 - Icon naming utils
libdmx:1.1.0,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 Distributed Multihead extension library
libdmx_devel:1.1.0,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 Distributed Multihead extension library development files
libfontenc:1.0.5,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 font encoding library
libfontenc_devel:1.0.5,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 font encoding library development files
libfs:1.0.2,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 Font Services library
libfs_devel:1.0.2,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 Font Services library development files
libice:1.0.6,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 Inter-Client Exchange library
libice_devel:1.0.6,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 Inter-Client Exchange library development files
libpthreadstubs:0.3,REV=2010.02.19 - pthread stubs not provided by native libc
libsm:1.1.1,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 Session Management library
libsm_devel:1.1.1,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 Session Management library development files
libx11:1.3.2,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 client-side library
libx11_devel:1.3.2,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 client-side library development package
libxau:1.0.4,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 authorisation library
libxau_devel:1.0.4,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 authorisation library development package
libxaw:1.0.7,REV=2010.02.19 - X Athena Widgets
libxaw_devel:1.0.7,REV=2010.02.19 - X Athena Widgets development files
libxcomposite:0.4.1,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 Composite extension library
libxcomposite_devel:0.4.1,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 Composite extension library development files
libxcursor:1.1.10,REV=2010.02.24 - X client-side cursor loading library
libxcursor_devel:1.1.10,REV=2010.02.24 - X client-side cursor loading library development files
libxdamage:1.1.2,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 Font Services library
libxdamage_devel:1.1.2,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 Font Services library development files
libxdmcp:1.0.3,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 display manager control protocol library
libxdmcp_devel:1.0.3,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 display manager control protocol library development package
libxext:1.1.1,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 miscellaneous extensions library
libxext_devel:1.1.1,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 miscellaneous extensions library development files
libxfixes:4.0.4,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 miscellaneous 'fixes' extension library
libxfixes_devel:4.0.4,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 miscellaneous 'fixes' extension library development files
libxfont:1.4.1,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 font rasterisation library
libxfont_devel:1.4.1,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 font rasterisation library development files
libxft2:2.1.14,REV=2010.02.19 - A client-side font API for X applications
libxft2_devel:2.1.14,REV=2010.02.19 - A client-side font API for X applications development package
libxi:1.3,REV=2010.02.24 - Client library for XInput development files
libxi_devel:1.3,REV=2010.02.24 - Client library for XInput
libxinerama:1.1,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 Xinerama extension library
libxinerama_devel:1.1,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 Xinerama extension library development files
libxkbfile:1.0.6,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 keyboard file manipulation library
libxkbfile_devel:1.0.6,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 keyboard file manipulation library development files
libxmu:1.0.5,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 miscellaneous utility library
libxmu_devel:1.0.5,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 miscellaneous utility library development files
libxpm:3.5.8,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 pixmap library
libxpm_devel:3.5.8,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 pixmap library development files
libxrandr:1.3.0,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 RandR extension library
libxrandr_devel:1.3.0,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 RandR extension library development files
libxrender:0.9.5,REV=2010.02.19 - X Render Extension Library
libxrender_devel:0.9.5,REV=2010.02.19 - X Render Extension Library Development Package
libxres:1.0.4,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 Resource extension library
libxres_devel:1.0.4,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 Resource extension library development files
libxscrnsaver:1.2.0,REV=2010.02.24 - The XScrnSaver Library
libxscrnsaver_devel:1.2.0,REV=2010.02.24 - The XScrnSaver Library development files
libxt:1.0.7,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 toolkit intrinsics library
libxt_devel:1.0.7,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 toolkit intrinsics library development files
libxv:1.0.4,REV=2010.02.24 - The Xv Library
libxv_devel:1.0.4,REV=2010.02.24 - The Xv Library development files
libxxf86dga:1.1.1,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 Direct Graphics Access extension library
libxxf86dga_devel:1.1.1,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 Direct Graphics Access extension library development files
libxxf86vm:1.1.0,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 XFree86 video mode extension library
libxxf86vm_devel:1.1.0,REV=2010.02.24 - X11 XFree86 video mode extension library development files
lynx:2.8.7,REV=2010.02.26 - lynx - text browser for the World Wide Web
lzip:1.9,REV=2010.02.19 - A lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm
lzlib:0.9,REV=2010.02.19 - A lossless data compression library based on the LZMA algorithm
lzma:4.999.9beta,REV=2010.02.24 - Stub to the successor xz
lzo:2.03,REV=2010.02.24 - LZO compression library
mysql5rt:5.0.87,REV=2010.02.19 - MySQL 5.0 runtime files
neon:0.29.3,REV=2010.02.25 - Neon HTTP and WebDAV client library (minimal dependencies)
neon_devel:0.29.3,REV=2010.02.25 - Neon HTTP and WebDAV development support
neon_full:0.29.3,REV=2010.02.25 - Neon HTTP and WebDAV client library (full featured)
plzip:0.5,REV=2010.02.19 - plzip is a lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm.
pm_netjabber:2.0,REV=2010.02.25 - Jabber Perl Library
pm_netxmpp:1.02,REV=2010.02.25 - XMPP Perl Library
pm_soaplite:0.710.10,REV=2010.02.25 - Client and server side SOAP implementation
pm_xmlparser:2.36,REV=2010.02.26 - a module for parsing XML documents
pm_xmlstream:1.23,REV=2010.02.25 - Creates an XML Stream connection and parses return data
protobuf:2.3.0,REV=2010.02.23 - encoding structured data in an efficient yet extensible format
pysetuptools:0.6c11,REV=2010.02.25 - Distribution Utiltiies for Python
sharutils:4.6.3,REV=2010.02.25 - makes so-called shell archives out of many files
swig:1.3.40,REV=2010.02.23 - A scripting interface generator for C/C++ code.
trac:0.11.6,REV=2010.02.24 - Integrated SCM and Project Management
x11_applewmproto:1.4.1,REV=2010.02.19 - AppleWM extension headers from X.org
x11_bigreqsproto:1.1.0,REV=2010.02.19 - Prototype headers for BigReqs extension to X11
x11_compositeproto:0.4.1,REV=2010.02.19 - X.Org Composite protocol headers
x11_damageproto:1.2.0,REV=2010.02.19 - X.Org Damage protocol headers
x11_dmxproto:2.3,REV=2010.02.19 - Distributed Multi-headed X protocol headers for X11
x11_dri2proto:2.1,REV=2010.02.19 - X.Org DRI2 prototype headers
x11_fixesproto:4.1.1,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 Fixes extension protocol specification
x11_fontsproto:2.1.0,REV=2010.02.19 - Fonts extension headers
x11_glproto:1.4.10,REV=2010.02.19 - GL extension headers
x11_inputproto:2.0,REV=2010.02.19 - Input extension headers from X.org project
x11_kbproto:1.0.4,REV=2010.02.20 - KB extension headers from X.org
x11_randrproto:1.3.1,REV=2010.02.20 - X.Org Randr protocol headers
x11_recordproto:1.14,REV=2010.02.20 - Record extension headers
x11_renderproto:0.11,REV=2010.02.20 - Render extension headers from modular X.org
x11_resourceproto:1.1.0,REV=2010.02.20 - X.Org Resource protocol headers
x11_scrnsaverproto:1.2.0,REV=2010.02.20 - X.Org ScrnSaver protocol headers
x11_videoproto:2.3.0,REV=2010.02.20 - Video extension headers
x11_windowswmproto:1.0.4,REV=2010.02.20 - Windowswmproto headers for X.org
x11_xcmiscproto:1.2.0,REV=2010.02.20 - X.Org XCMisc extension headers
x11_xextproto:7.1.1,REV=2010.02.20 - XExt extension headers from X.org
x11_xf86bigfontproto:1.2.0,REV=2010.02.20 - X.Org XF86BigFont protocol headers
x11_xf86dgaproto:2.1,REV=2010.02.20 - X.Org XF86DGA protocol headers
x11_xf86driproto:2.1.0,REV=2010.02.20 - X.Org XF86DRI protocol headers
x11_xf86vidmodeproto:2.3,REV=2010.02.20 - X.Org XF86VidMode protocol headers
x11_xineramaproto:1.2,REV=2010.02.20 - X.Org Xinerama protocol headers
x11_xproto:7.0.16,REV=2010.02.20 - X protocol and ancillary headers from X.org X11
xpm:3.5.8,REV=2010.02.19 - X11 pixmap library
xtrans:1.2.5,REV=2010.02.19 - X transport library
xz:4.999.9beta,REV=2010.02.24 - XZ Utils is free data compression software with high compression ratio
zutils:0.7,REV=2010.02.24 - Utilities to deal with compressed and non-compressed files

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