[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Mar 22 00:01:04 CET 2010

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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bash:4.1.2,REV=2010.03.13 - A sh-compatible command language interpreter
djvulibre:3.5.22,REV=2010.03.17 - DjVu standalone viewer, browser plug-in, command linetools
djvulibre_devel:3.5.22,REV=2010.03.17 - DjVu standalone viewer, browser plug-in, commandline tools - developer package
djvulibre_rt:3.5.22,REV=2010.03.17 - DjVu standalone viewer, browser plug-in, command line tools - runtime package
exiftool:8.14,REV=2010.03.17 - Read, Write and Edit Image File Meta Information
fftw:3.2.2,REV=2010.03.16 - Library for computing the discrete Fourier transform (DFT)
ghostscript:8.71,REV=2010.03.18 - Ghostscript, a PostScript and PDF interpreter for previewing, conversion and printing
giflib:4.1.6,REV=2010.03.17 - A library for reading and writing gif images
giflib_doc:4.1.6,REV=2010.03.17 - giflib documentation
giflib_rt:4.1.6,REV=2010.03.17 - giflib runtime libraries (minimal alternative without X11 support)
giflib_rt_x11:4.1.6,REV=2010.03.17 - giflib runtime libraries (full alternative with support for CSW X11)
gifsicle:1.59,REV=2010.03.19 - Tool for creating, editing, and getting information about GIF images
graphicsmagick:1.3.12,REV=2010.03.16 - The GraphicsMagick image manipulation tools & library
imlib2:1.4.3,REV=2010.03.17 - Imlib 2 is the successor to Imlib, a powerful graphics library
imlib2_loaders:1.4.3,REV=2010.03.17 - Imlib 2 image loaders for XCF, EDB and EET
lcms:1.19,REV=2010.03.16 - The little color management system and tools
lcms_devel:1.19,REV=2010.03.16 - The little color management system and tools - developer package
lcms_rt:1.19,REV=2010.03.16 - The little color management system and tools - runtime package
libatk:1.29.92,REV=2010.03.09 - Developer files for libatk
libatk_devel:1.29.92,REV=2010.03.09 - An accessibility toolkit for GNOME
liblqr:0.4.1,REV=2010.03.14 - A seam-carving C/C++ library called Liquid Rescale.
liblqr_devel:0.4.1,REV=2010.03.14 - A seam-carving C/C++ library called Liquid Rescale. - developer package
libpaper:1.1.23+nmu1,REV=2010.03.17 - Library and tools for handling papersize
libpoppler:0.10.6,REV=2010.03.15 - Poppler is a PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code base
libpoppler_devel:0.10.6,REV=2010.03.15 - Poppler is a PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code base - developer package
libpoppler_doc:0.10.6,REV=2010.03.15 - Poppler is a PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code base - documentation
librsync:0.9.7,REV=2010.03.16 - Library with the rolling-checksum algorithm known from rsync
libtasn1:2.5,REV=2010.03.15 - GNU ASN1 library
libtasn1_devel:2.5,REV=2010.03.15 - Development files for libtasn1
libungif:4.1.6,REV=2010.03.17 - Stub which links to giflib now the patent is dropped
libxau:1.0.4,REV=2010.03.14 - X11 authorisation library
libxau_devel:1.0.4,REV=2010.03.14 - X11 authorisation library development package
nginx:0.7.65,REV=2010.03.14 - HTTP server and mail proxy server
nicstat:1.22,REV=2010.03.13 - Network monitoring tool
openssh:5.4p1,REV=2010.03.13 - OpenSSH Secure Shell server
openssh_client:5.4p1,REV=2010.03.13 - OpenSSH Secure Shell client
openssl:0.9.8m,REV=2010.03.13 - Openssl meta package
openssl_devel:0.9.8m,REV=2010.03.13 - Openssl development files
openssl_rt:0.9.8m,REV=2010.03.13 - Openssl runtime libraries
openssl_utils:0.9.8m,REV=2010.03.13 - Openssl binaries and related tools
pbzip2:1.1.0,REV=2010.03.16 - Parallel BZIP2 Data Compression Software
pcre:8.02,REV=2010.03.19 - Perl-compatible regular expression tools
pcre_rt:8.02,REV=2010.03.19 - Perl-compatible regular expression runtime libraries
pm_appconfig:1.66,REV=2010.03.19 - Perl5 module for configuration files and command line arguments.
pm_configgeneral:2.44,REV=2010.03.19 - Generic Config Module
pm_fileremove:1.42,REV=2010.03.19 - Remove files and directories
pm_iomultiplex:1.10,REV=2010.03.19 - Manage IO on many file handles
pm_logdispatchconf:1.03,REV=2010.03.19 - Log4j for Perl
pm_mimetypes:1.29,REV=2010.03.17 - Perl MIME::Types module
pm_netserver:0.97,REV=2010.03.19 - Extensible, general Perl server engine
pm_netssh:0.09,REV=2010.03.19 - Perl extension for secure shell
pm_objrealizelater:0.18,REV=2010.03.19 - Delayed creation of objects
pm_poe:1.287,REV=2010.03.13 - Portable multitasking and networking framework for Perl
pm_useridentity:0.93,REV=2010.03.19 - Maintains info about a physical person
png:1.2.43,REV=2010.02.25 - library for Portable Network Graphics format (PNG)
pngcrush:1.7.10,REV=2010.03.14 - An optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files
poppler:0.10.6,REV=2010.03.15 - Poppler is a PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code base - utilities
py_lcms:1.19,REV=2010.03.16 - The little color management system and tools - python bindings
roxfiler:2.10,REV=2010.03.03 - A lightweight X file manager
sysstat:20100315,REV=2010.03.16 - Key system statistics at a glance
tiff:3.9.2,REV=2010.03.14 - Tag Image File Format (TIFF)
xcbutil:0.3.6,REV=2010.03.12 - The XCB utility library
xv:3.10a,REV=2010.03.17 - Interactive image display and manipulation tool
zlib:1.2.4,REV=2010.03.19 - Zlib Data Compression Library

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