[csw-users] Re: [solarisx86] pkg-get and local files

Robert Stampfli csw at colnet.cboh.org
Sat Aug 21 04:23:45 CEST 2004

On Fri, Aug 20, 2004 at 03:42:59PM -0400, Oscar del Rio wrote:
> (posting from solarisx86 to blastwave's users mailing list)
> oliverpetschulat wrote:
> >blastwave's pkg-get has an option to "download only" instead
> >of installing. But I don't see an option "install local copy
> >instead of downloading and installing"? So how do I tell
> >pkg-get to not download but simply install the packages
> >lying in the directory /download ?
> Use "pkgadd -d CSW-package-filename.pkg"
> You can post a feature request for the pkg-get package
> in the bug tracking system of blastwave.org

I've have modified the pkg-get script to do this.  The changes
were fairly straightforward.  A copy of the altered script
is located at:


Perhaps someone on the blastwave team could either pick up
these changes or post comments if they don't like them.

Theory of operation:  The pkg-get script now checks for the
variable "local_csw_repository", which is either explicitly
passed in the environment or specified in pkg-get.conf.  If
this variable is set to point to a valid directory, pkg-get
will (1) copy any downloaded package that passes the validity
checks to the specified directory immediately after it is
downloaded, and (2) check to see if a package exists in the
local directory prior to pulling it down from the net, and
use the local version provided it passes the validity checks.


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