[csw-users] zoneid_t compile error

Suresh Rajagopalan sraja at cine.net
Wed Aug 25 19:30:46 CEST 2004

> isn't this issue due to gcc making a mangled copy of some of the
> system header files (this happens on AIX too), and when the system is
> more recent than the gcc build then unmangled headers can depend on
> declarations in another header which are hidden because the mangled
> version doesn't have the new declarations in it?
> the process of mangling the headers is "fix-includes" or "fixincludes"
> or something like that, and re-running that step of the gcc build or
> install should fix it

I just downloaded Sunone's compiler. That works fine.  So it is a gcc
issue. I'll just have to recompile it for 5.10 I suppose. I dislike running


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