[csw-users] Re: Problems with fonts and libraries

Alexey Kuzmichev Alexey.Kuzmichev at Sun.COM
Fri Aug 27 22:27:22 CEST 2004

Hi Michael,

On Fri Aug 27 15:23:20 MEST 2004, Michael Gernoth wrote:

>> If I have /opt/csw/lib behind /usr/lib in LD_LIBRARY_PATH I can not
>> start gimp, mozilla and gnumeric (symbol not found). Bluefish works fine
>> with excellent font rendering.
> Do not set LD_LIBRARY_PATH

I know that it's not recommended to set this variable. I set it to prove
the fact that bundled /usr/lib (unlike /opt/csw/lib) libraries render
all fonts perfectly (but unfortunately can not be used with some applicatons).

>> If I have /opt/csw/lib in front of /usr/lib in LD_LIBRARY_PATH or if I
>> unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH I get blurred (gimp, mozilla, gnumeric) or badly
>> aliased (bluefish) fonts.
>run gnome-font-properties, which is part of control_center.

gnome-font-properties "allows you to select the fonts to use in your
applications and desktop background." It does not affect
rendering/aliasing. BTW, gnome-font-properties does not change mozilla
or gimp fonts.

One correction. Gnumeric's font is not "blurred"  but as "broken" as
bluefish' one.

Thank you,

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