[csw-users] ASPELL dictionary packages fail installation.

Alex S Moore asmoore at edge.net
Fri May 21 18:27:21 CEST 2004

Hi, Simon

On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 11:11, LOEWENTHAL Simon wrote:
> ld.so.1: /opt/csw/bin/aspell: fatal: libCstd.so.1: open failed: No such file
> or directory
> Killed

Do you have a pkg named SUNWlibC?  This is the pkg that contains
libCstd.so.1 on my system.  I am not sure of what group this pkg is in.
grep on my contents file shows:
/usr/lib/libCstd.so.1 f none 0755 root bin 2002028 64004 1076107000


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