[csw-users] Gaim Font problems

Alexey Kuzmichev alekz at xs4all.nl
Mon Apr 11 01:11:52 CEST 2005

Adding "-dev /dev/fbs/afb0 defdepth 24" to
/usr/dt/config/Xservers solved the problem!

GTK didn't see 24 bit graphics before the change. Non-GTK
based apps worked fine with olvwm, though.

>> The new GTK-version was compiled with the new pango version.

Just to be sure, I've recompiled/upgraded Xft, fontconfig,
pango, glib, gtk, but the result was the same (no text). So
it's definitely a "depth" related thing.

>Another thing: Which framebuffer do you use. Any chance you are using a
>Creator/Creator 3d? I have seen a bug in the Xserver which caused big
>visual problems with recent gtk-apps. You can try if you are affected by
>this bug by running /opt/csw/bin/same-gnome and and moving the mouse
>over the balls. If you get distorted graphics, you should patch your

Elite3D. Same-gnome worked fine when I had the problem with
GTK fonts, but now when I can see the text, I also see the
distorted graphics :-) Checking sunsolve at the moment.

Best regards,

>  Michael
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