[csw-users] Problems: Firefox w/ Java and something too stoopid to display in the subject

James Lee james at blastwave.org
Mon Aug 1 15:22:32 CEST 2005

On 01/08/05, 00:08:15, Josh Kuperman <josh.kuperman at gmail.com> wrote
regarding Re: [csw-users] Problems: Firefox w/ Java and something too
stoopid to display in the subject:

> > >3. Can I get the current Java installed and working with FireFox on
> > >my SS10?
> >
> > First, see if you have java installed on your OS.  Typically the Sun java
> > installs under /usr/j2se so see if you have:
> >
> >         /usr/j2se/jre/plugin/sparc/ns610/libjavaplugin_oji.so
> >
> > If not, install J2SE from the Sun site http://java.sun.com.  Then, make
> > the following symbolic link:
> >
> >         cd /opt/csw/libexec/firefox/plugins
> >         ln -s /usr/j2se/jre/plugin/sparc/ns610/libjavaplugin_oji.so
> >
> > Restart firefox and java should be working.

> I still don't have java working. What I suspect is going on, is that
> since I'm using Java on a Sparc 10 the Sun updates install the 32 bit
> java. I believe that since I couldn't get any of this working until I
> installed 64 bit compatibility I need to install the 64 bit java or
> something that will bridge 64 bit and 32 bit Java. Oh well,

I doubt it's a 64bit problem, possibly Ultra Sparc Extensions.
I've fired up my SS20 and done some tests.  Using Java 1.5.0_04 for
the plugin it fails:

Java process: caught exception from sun.plugin.navig.motif.Plugin.start
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:
/opt/jdk1.5.0_04/jre/lib/sparc/libawt.so: ld.so.1: java_vm: fatal:
/opt/jdk1.5.0_04/jre/lib/sparc/libawt.so: bad ELF flags value: 768

because that file is:

$ file /opt/jdk1.5.0_04/jre/lib/sparc/libawt.so
/opt/jdk1.5.0_04/jre/lib/sparc/libawt.so:       ELF 32-bit MSB dynamic
lib SPARC32PLUS Version 1, V8+ Required, UltraSPARC1 Extensions
Required, dynamically linked, stripped

A bug in the JDK?  I guess so.

With Java 1.4.2_08 firefox runs my applets.

CSWfirefox has an UltraSPARC1 library (libfreebl_hybrid_3.so) but I've
not triggered its use and so far firefox hasn't failed.

At start up firefox kindly points out I don't have a the 64bit patch
for SUNWlibCx - funny that, it's right, I don't.


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