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Dennis Clarke blastwave at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 18:29:14 CEST 2005

Brought this over to the users mail list

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> "Blastware is not Blastwave !"
>...it's mighty close though! ;O)

is isn't it ?  On purpose too .. thanks to me and my hunger for domain names.

> My problem still stands. I got pkg_get.pkg from
>      http://www.blastwave.org/pkg_get.pkg

good man 

> and installed it from a root shell according to the instructions.

also good

> I'm guessing it's the pkg-get.conf files you refer to above.

exactly and your system seems to be polluted with some bad conf files
in other places.

> /opt/csw/etc/pkg-get.conf is ok because its the one mentioned in the notes that
> I've edited with my local mirror.

geez .. this is supposed to be dead easy but, when you have oddball
conf files in other places then you should expect trouble.

find and delete ALL other pkg-get.conf files with the exception of the
one under /opt/csw because we really do mean it when we say everything
stays under /opt/csw.  The only exceptions are startup scripts and a
very few other things that do make sense.

> There's no /etc/csw directory as you suggest

who suggested that?  where ?

No no .. there must be a /opt/csw/etc directory

> but there is a file /etc/pkg-get.conf which doesn't seem to be referenced
> in any of the notes.

KILL IT !  That thing is a problem. :-)

> Now that I look closely at the output from a pkg-get -i command it seems
> the /opt/csw/etc/pkg-get.conf file isn't being used and the files are retrieved
> from sunfreeware. Why? 

further evidence of truely fubar things happening.

OKay .. you should get a package list from /var/sadm/pkg and note what
you have that is from SFW and from CSW and you will see a difference. 
I want you to "start over" and lets clean up your machines config. You
are supposed to get packages and dependencies from Blastwave and not
SunFreeware.  If you want software from SunFreeware then fine, but
don't try to mix it and match it with our package base.  Your asking
for trouble.

So then, what do you have in your /var/sadm/pkg directory that starts
with either CSW or SFW ?   How about everything that is NOT starting
with SUNW ?

Inquiring minds want to know and I want your machine to work flawlessly :-)

Dennis Clarke
Director and Admin for blastwave.org
dclarke at blastwave.org

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