[csw-users] location of configuration files

Doofus doofus at bulldoghome.com
Sun Aug 7 18:52:50 CEST 2005

Is there a way to control this? I'm a bit confused here.

If root runs "pkg-get -U", two files are created:

"/catalog"  and  "/var/pkg-get/catalog-www.mirror.ac.uk"  (same file, 
different name)


If a user runs "pkg-get -a" or "pkg-get -D" the files in under 
/var/pkg-get.are accessed, but if root has a umask of 077 (not 
uncommon), these files are unreadable.

These may be trivial points. I just don't like config files lying around 
in "/", or root's config files in other users' home directories su-ing, 
and just wondered how folks set their boxes up.

(Oh - and why is there two different entries for the "U" switch in the 
man page?  ;O)


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