[csw-users] KDE 3.4.1 on Solaris 9 Sparc 64bit not working

Tobias Marx tmarx at uni-wuppertal.de
Wed Aug 17 11:14:46 CEST 2005

Peter Arnold wrote:

>I'm interested to know if and how many other people are running KDE with 
>the same environment I have and have it working (I don't).
>My environment is SunBlade1000 running Solaris 9, (latest patch cluster 
>installed a couple of days ago) in 64bit mode.
>I've happily been running 3.3.1 for some time but after upgrading to 
>3.4.1 it's horribly broken. I've deleted all the relevant DCOP files in 
>/tmp and ~/ directories, and even tried with a clean user account. On 
>login I get a heap of "The application kded crashed and caused signal 
>11" and lots of spawned processes for kded, drkonqi, kdeinit and friends 
>(174 encounting within 3 minutes of login attempt)
>Truss -f on kdeinit shows it looking for (among other things) 
>"/opt/cw/gcc3/lib/*. I've linked /opt/cw to /opt/csw to fix this but 
>still no workie. I have no LD_LIBRARY_PATH set as per recomendations.
>The only relevant thing I can see in the truss file is
>ERROR: Couldn't attach to DCOP server!2336.
>Any help, pointers, experience or just a word to say it *does* work in 
>my environment would prove helpful.

i had exactly the same problem after upgrading from kde 3.3.1. i'm using 
a sunblade 2500.

unfortunatly i can't give you any hints how to solve that problem, 
because my setup was f*cked up anyway (diskspace problems) and i simply 
purged all csw packages and all files and installed everything from scratch.
the newly installed kde packages are running just fine (besides the 
known problem with /tmp/.dcopxxx).


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