[csw-users] New(ish) to blastwave, help me not be a n00b

Tim Smith tim.smith at degreec.com
Thu Dec 8 18:11:14 CET 2005

Hi there, I've been using solaris(sparc) and some of the blastwave
software for a while, but my desktop at work is now solaris so I'm going
to try and get a little more active in the community.

My first question is: What is the "proper" method to request a package
be added to blastwave? Specifically I'd kill for a solaris port of the
K3B cd-burning app, but have been unable to make it work (my system
thinks it doesnt have cc ... sigh)

Second question is: How long does it take for stuff to move into the
"stable" branch? Specifically, I'm looking forward very much to KDE 3.5 ;-)


Timothy Smith
tim.smith at degreec.com
IT Administrator
Degree Controls, INC

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