[csw-users] New(ish) to blastwave, help me not be a n00b

James Lee james at blastwave.org
Thu Dec 8 18:37:35 CET 2005

On 08/12/05, 17:11:14, Tim Smith <tim.smith at degreec.com> wrote regarding
[csw-users] New(ish) to blastwave, help me not be a n00b:

> My first question is: What is the "proper" method to request a package
> be added to blastwave? Specifically I'd kill for a solaris port of the
> K3B cd-burning app, but have been unable to make it work (my system
> thinks it doesnt have cc ... sigh)

The official way:

The unofficial way requires grovelling, connections and/or a bribe.

> Second question is: How long does it take for stuff to move into the
> "stable" branch? Specifically, I'm looking forward very much to KDE 3.5
> ;-)

Packages are moved to stable every 3 months.  The actual lag depends on
the time of year but don't get too excited about KDE 3.5 yet because
it's not in unstable.  You could see KDE 3.5 in stable in 3 1/2 weeks
- or maybe not if it's not in unstable soon or not considered stable.


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