[csw-users] DVD help pt2

jreid at ctc.net jreid at ctc.net
Mon Feb 7 20:44:26 CET 2005

>> Part 2 of my question is this:  I'm looking for a suggestion for a PCI
>> video card to do dvd playback that has support for Sun's X server?  Any
>> suggestions out there?
>I'm guessing you are talking about x86 architecture.  In my option I would
>look at an ATI Radeon because Solaris 10 x86 supports the Xvideo extention
>on Radeon.  There are probibly other cards that support Xvideo too but
>I've only tested radeon.

Actually, no SPARC.  I have an AX1105-500 motherobard.  It's a pci/ide SPARC based system.  I'm am looking at the Radeon, has anyone tested it on a SPARC with Sun's Xserver?

Joe Reid
jreid at vnet.net

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