[csw-users] DVD help pt2

H. Streit hstreit at swri.edu
Tue Feb 8 16:04:08 CET 2005

Well, I'd have to guess at this, but I'd say it wouldn't work either 
way.  The way the PCI66 bus is controled is probably thru some sort of 
proprietary means...I'll look around for an ATI card and throw it in 
the Blade I have here (gotta bring it down to load Solaris 10 
anyways). I knew I couldn't go six months without doing something bad 
to that machine :)

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Joe Reid wrote:
> H. Streit wrote:
>> It's in the 66MHz PCI Slot.
>> The card is definetly an ATI Radeon, however I've tried the whole
>> "Mix-n-match x86 & SPARC PCI cards" game before.  It never works.
>> The BIOS hooks for a SPARC-based system are /way/ different.
>> My last experiment was with a commercial scsi card from Best Buy, the 
>> firmware that an x86 will pickup is vastly different than what a 
>> SPARC-based puppy needs.
> You bring up an interesting point to which I'd like to ask a 
> hypothetical question - are those bios hooks boot hooks?  In otherwords, 
> I don't need this video card to boot the machine, just later start an X 
> server.
> just interested in your opinion.

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