[csw-users] DVD help pt2

H. Streit hstreit at swri.edu
Tue Feb 8 17:57:28 CET 2005

Not all of Sun's video cards are PCI, there's a dedicated bus on some 
mainboards (UPA, UXP, or something....).  But I'm sure all the latest 
workstations have PCI66 video...and cost aside, the XVR-600 is about 
$400.  It's an ATI Radeon card. DVD-playback, yeah.  Full Screen, 
nope. (The UNIX Admin here has one, stutters pretty bad on fullscreen)
Go figure.

Joe Reid wrote:
> H. Streit wrote:
>> Well, I'd have to guess at this, but I'd say it wouldn't work either 
>> way.  The way the PCI66 bus is controled is probably thru some sort of 
>> proprietary means...I'll look around for an ATI card and throw it in 
>> the Blade I have here (gotta bring it down to load Solaris 10 
>> anyways). I knew I couldn't go six months without doing something bad 
>> to that machine :)
>> sysop at volrath$ uptime
>> 8:59am  up 158 days 18:24,  2 users,  load average: 2.62, 0.57, 0.21
> Lol!!!  Let me know, at this point it's just a matter of curosity.
> Are Sun's new video cards all PCI (the xvr's)?  Cost aside, could I get 
> one of them and use it to watch DVD's?

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