[csw-users] PHP - Solaris LDAP libraries vs. OpenLDAP libraries

Luke Youngblood lyoungblood at phonechargeinc.com
Wed Feb 16 22:51:53 CET 2005

I'm having a little bit of difficulty using the Blastwave version of modphp.
You see, it's compiled and linked against the OpenLDAP libraries.  We are
using Sun's native LDAP client on our servers to provide authentication, and
if I try to start Apache on a server that is using the Sun Native LDAP
client, it core dumps.  I spent weeks troubleshooting this case with Sun
support and they finally said "you're using the OpenLDAP libraries, stop
linking against them if you want it to work."  So, my options are basically


1.  I can compile PHP on my own, linking against the Sun LDAP libraries, and
not use CSWmod_php.  This works fine.

2.  I can humbly request that the package maintainer link against the Sun
LDAP libraries instead of OpenLDAP.


I'd like to make that humble request.  OpenLDAP used to be the only source
of decent LDAP libraries on Solaris, but now that Sun has gotten their act
together with Solaris 9 and the secure native LDAP client (which is also
backported to Solaris 8 in patch 108993), why don't we link against their


It would also remove the need to install OpenLDAP as a dependency during the
pkg-get phase.


Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.



Luke Youngblood
System Administrator
PhoneCharge, Inc.
(203) 732-7639 x279


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