[csw-users] gnomelibs install issues

James Lee james at blastwave.org
Sun Jan 9 22:28:53 CET 2005

On 09/01/05, 20:52:33, Joe Reid <jreid at vnet.net> wrote regarding
[csw-users] gnomelibs install issues:

> I was trying to complile digital dj - the mp3 front end for grip and it
> required I installed gnomelibs.  This is from the install of gnomelibs:


> the depend file in the CSWgnomelibs package looks suspect.

Correct. The depend file has:
PI CSWgnomelibs
which is nonsense.

However note the CSWgnomelibs package has been withdrawn from the latest
unstable catalog (despite still being offered in the "stable" listing).
I'd recommend removing it ("pkgrm CSWgnomelibs").  I think CSWlibgnome
(software name "libgnome") is the replacement.  Perhaps Michael Gernoth,
the maintainer, can give a better answer.  Try this page to look for the
files you need:


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