[csw-users] CSWgnome is slower than CSWkde_gcc on SPARC?

Dan O'Callaghan ocalld at eads.com
Fri Jan 14 13:00:54 CET 2005

I've just installed KDE_GCC
got to admit, it is a lot faster with the graphics,

There is a problem with the dt_login package.
It's only integrated with "C" locale. 
Coming from the UK, i use a different locale and the KDE is not listed
as a desktop option on the login screen.


On Thu, 2005-01-13 at 17:28 -0800, rain cip wrote:
> Before I start, I just want to say THANKS to the package maintainers.
> My installation of 
> both packages went very smooth.  I was amazed to discover that they
> had both been integrated into the dtlogin after the installation was
> completed so all I had to do was to 
> log out and log back in.  Well done, guys!
> My box is a Ultra10/sparcv9 440Mhz with Solaris 9 4/04.  I installed
> all the patches (180
>  in total!) recommended by the Solaris patch manger prior to
> downloading the two 
> packages.  The graphics card is Creator 3D (FFB2+).  I set up Xsun to
> run defdepth at 24.
> I implemented all those performance enhancement tips for gnome, i.e.
> running the Atlanta 
> theme, using window frame, no icon in the menu, and etc.  Still, the
> gnome appears to 
> run much slower than CDE in terms of graphics rendering and input
> response.
> I had the kpersonalizer set up the performance meter right in the
> middle when setting up
>  the KDE.  Boy, this kde_gcc 3.3.1 package just rocks!  Graphics
> rendering and input 
> response is comparable to that in CDE, considering my CDE only uses
> the window frame
> mode.
> It appears to me that the CSWgnome package does not take full advanage
> of the graphics
>  accelerator.  The CSWkde_gcc package on the other hand uses every bit
> of it.
> raincip
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