[csw-users] PATH; Xfce

Thom Holwerda slakje at quicknet.nl
Fri Jan 28 22:24:27 CET 2005


I've got two questions.

First: the whole PATH thing. I'm quite experienced with computers, but 
I never really took the time to dive into more advanced *nix stuff like 
that. In what file and where do I put the "/opt/cws/bin" ? I know how 
to do it manually each time ("PATH=$PATH:/opt/cws/bin:"), but I have no 
idea as to how to automate this process. It's supposed to be set into 
the root ".profile", but where is this file?

The second question refers to Xfce 4.0.6. I installed both the Xfce and 
dtlogin package-- all seems fine: xfce turns up nicely on the dtlogin 
menu. However, whenever I try to login in to Xfce, it reloads the 
dtlogin screen. I can only still log into CDE. Any ideas? I'm running 
Solaris 9 on a Sun Ultra 5 (270 Mhz UltraSPARC IIi, 128mbram).

Thanks a lot in advance,

Thom Holwerda
Main editor of http://www.expert-zone.com, bringing you the OS/Computer 
news that matters

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