[csw-users] Package(s) request

James Lee james at blastwave.org
Sat Jan 29 11:08:53 CET 2005

On 28/01/05, 18:34:05, Steve Scharf <steve.scharf at dynasys.com> wrote
regarding [csw-users] Package(s) request:

> Is there a reason that PHP and IP Filter are not available via
> Blastwave?

I have built IPFilter both 3 and 4 (which requires pfil also) as CSW
packages.  A problem with IPFilter 3 is that it uses non-API system
calls so might not work if the right kernel patches are install,
unfortunately no one said which.  There seems to be dissatisfaction
with IPFilter 4 on Solaris <= 9 (according to the ipf mailing list)
and I use IPFilter-3.4.35 myself.  Solaris 10 has IPFilter 4
integrated.  My IPFilter-4.1.5 packages need more testing as pfil
needs to be unloaded and installed around IPFilter during package
upgrades and there is problem if all interfaces are not up at install
(eg sppp).  Version 3 is working for me and I've had other things to
do, put another way I need a reason to move to version 4.

These are my packages if anyone want to try them:


Do people want V3 or V4?  Would people like the choice of installing
either V3 or V4?  ie, if they were separate packages?


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