[csw-users] PATH; Xfce

Ihsan Dogan ihsan at dogan.ch
Sat Jan 29 21:05:23 CET 2005

On Saturday, 29 Jan 2005 00:46 +0100, Jan Dreyer wrote:

> > First: the whole PATH thing. I'm quite experienced with computers, but 
> > I never really took the time to dive into more advanced *nix stuff 
> > like that. In what file and where do I put the "/opt/cws/bin" ? I know 
> > how to do it manually each time ("PATH=$PATH:/opt/cws/bin:"), but I 
> > have no idea as to how to automate this process. It's supposed to be 
> > set into the root ".profile", but where is this file?
> I assume you are using bash or zsh. Then this file is /etc/profile
> You may also edit /etc/bashrc

Another solution would be the /etc/default/login file. You can
change the PATH and SUPATH values for you needs.


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