[csw-users] Newbie with SS10/Sol9 having problems.

Ihsan Dogan ihsan at dogan.ch
Wed Jun 1 23:21:49 CEST 2005

On Wednesday, 01 Jun 2005 16:38 -0400, Josh Kuperman wrote:

> I have been trying to use the blastwave software but I have a lot of  
> problems. I have managed to install Solaris 9 on a SparcStation 10  
> with Twin Ross HyperSparc CPUs from a set of CDs I downloaded last  
> year. I seem to have a lot of problems. Most of the small programs  
> are fine, but I've been unable to get mozilla or gnome or kde to  
> install.

Did you got any pkg-get or pkgadd errors?


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