[csw-users] Newbie with SS10/Sol9 having problems.

Josh Kuperman josh.kuperman at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 00:59:30 CEST 2005

Please excuse the top posting. I am trying to figure out if my  
problem is that I can't compile stuff because it is an SS10, if I  
screwed up and left out some important package on the initial  
install, or if I simply misconfigured something when I set up pkg- 
get. All the instructions on the how-to page worked - I just have  
trouble installing the big packages. (Perhaps I need to add something  
to make my SS10 aware of 64 bit code so that it doesn't use it or  

Good now I remember I get message saying patch 111712 64 Bit Share  
library Patch for C++ not installed and some other patches i.e.  
111712, 111722, 113902, 114641. But all the patches that I can  
install were installed, so I've no idea what's going on.

The problem when following the install instructions on the blastwave  
how-to page is that it all goes by way too fast for me to notice  
errors. I am running under CDE -- which runs fine - but would like to  
see if I can get the others working. I am trying to install - firefox  
as I write.

First, I want to point out that this is a really nice Sparc 10 -  
cobbled together from many SS10's. It has close to 18GB of SCSI disk  
and the two Ross HyperSparc 100MHz processors. Sun4M is supported for  
Solaris 9, Sun4m is not supported with Solaris 10. I don't believe  
there are any other distros that really support 32 bit SparcStations  
any better that Sun supports Solaris 9.

On Jun 1, 2005, at 5:46 PM, Thomas Amm wrote:

> On Wed, 1 Jun 2005 23:30:55 +0200
> Ihsan Dogan <ihsan at dogan.ch> wrote:
>> On Wednesday, 01 Jun 2005 23:25 +0200, Thomas Amm wrote:
>>>> I have been trying to use the blastwave software but I have a lot
>>>> of problems. I have managed to install Solaris 9 on a
>>>> SparcStation 10 with Twin Ross HyperSparc CPUs from a set of CDs
>>>> I downloaded last year. I seem to have a lot of problems. Most of
>>>> the small programs are fine, but I've been unable to get mozilla
>>>> or gnome or kde to install.
>>>> Should I just toss this thing? ( I would have killed for one like
>>>> it a decade (maybe a bit more than a decade) ago).
>>> sun4m are no longer supported by Solaris, but you can still have fun
>>> with it, running Linux or some BSD. I am running Debian-Sparc on a
>>> Classic, it works quite good. It also ran well under OpenBSD.
>> This is true, but the first Solaris 9 releases are shipped with
>> sun4m support.
>> There is still Solaris 8 which has full support for sun4m.
>> Ihsan...
> Yes, of course. My Sun SparcClassic even ran Solaris 9,
> but seriously, I couldn't find too much sense in running
> Solaris 9 on a 50MHz box - these things also have quite small
> drives.
> I mean running OpenBSD on it is still better than throwing it away.
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