[csw-users] Newbie with SS10/Sol9 having problems.

Carson Little carson at ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov
Thu Jun 2 03:39:00 CEST 2005

Josh Kuperman wrote:
> Please excuse the top posting. I am trying to figure out if my  
> problem is that I can't compile stuff because it is an SS10, if I  
> screwed up and left out some important package on the initial  
> install, or if I simply misconfigured something when I set up pkg- 
> get. All the instructions on the how-to page worked - I just have  
> trouble installing the big packages. (Perhaps I need to add something  
> to make my SS10 aware of 64 bit code so that it doesn't use it or  
> something???)

The firefox package has a shared lib that requires at least a UltraSPARC 
to run:

# pwd
# file libfreebl_hybrid_3.so
libfreebl_hybrid_3.so:  ELF 32-bit MSB dynamic lib SPARC32PLUS Version 
1, V8+ Required, UltraSPARC1 Extensions Required, dynamically linked, 

> Good now I remember I get message saying patch 111712 64 Bit Share  
> library Patch for C++ not installed and some other patches i.e.  
> 111712, 111722, 113902, 114641. But all the patches that I can  
> install were installed, so I've no idea what's going on.

Its been a while since I have done a install on a sun4m, but I think the 
installer skips asking to install 64bit packages. They would only be 
useful on a sun4u anyway.

> The problem when following the install instructions on the blastwave  
> how-to page is that it all goes by way too fast for me to notice  
> errors. I am running under CDE -- which runs fine - but would like to  
> see if I can get the others working. I am trying to install - firefox  
> as I write.
> First, I want to point out that this is a really nice Sparc 10 -  
> cobbled together from many SS10's. It has close to 18GB of SCSI disk  
> and the two Ross HyperSparc 100MHz processors. Sun4M is supported for  
> Solaris 9, Sun4m is not supported with Solaris 10. I don't believe  
> there are any other distros that really support 32 bit SparcStations  
> any better that Sun supports Solaris 9.
> On Jun 1, 2005, at 5:46 PM, Thomas Amm wrote:
>>On Wed, 1 Jun 2005 23:30:55 +0200
>>Ihsan Dogan <ihsan at dogan.ch> wrote:
>>>On Wednesday, 01 Jun 2005 23:25 +0200, Thomas Amm wrote:
>>>>>I have been trying to use the blastwave software but I have a lot
>>>>>of problems. I have managed to install Solaris 9 on a
>>>>>SparcStation 10 with Twin Ross HyperSparc CPUs from a set of CDs
>>>>>I downloaded last year. I seem to have a lot of problems. Most of
>>>>>the small programs are fine, but I've been unable to get mozilla
>>>>>or gnome or kde to install.
>>>>>Should I just toss this thing? ( I would have killed for one like
>>>>>it a decade (maybe a bit more than a decade) ago).
>>>>sun4m are no longer supported by Solaris, but you can still have fun
>>>>with it, running Linux or some BSD. I am running Debian-Sparc on a
>>>>Classic, it works quite good. It also ran well under OpenBSD.
>>>This is true, but the first Solaris 9 releases are shipped with
>>>sun4m support.
>>>There is still Solaris 8 which has full support for sun4m.
>>Yes, of course. My Sun SparcClassic even ran Solaris 9,
>>but seriously, I couldn't find too much sense in running
>>Solaris 9 on a 50MHz box - these things also have quite small
>>I mean running OpenBSD on it is still better than throwing it away.
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