[csw-users] problems getting started

James Lee james at blastwave.org
Fri Jun 10 14:38:48 CEST 2005

On 08/06/05, 19:16:59, Lukas Keller <Lukas.Keller at zoolmus.unizh.ch> wrote
regarding [csw-users] problems getting started:

> /var/tmp/dstreAAAEKaytf/CSWcommon/install/checkinstall:
> /var/tmp/dstreAAAEKaytf/CSWcommon/install/checkinstall: cannot open

That's looks like the problem and before I go any further let me
say you seem to be doing nothing wrong but no I don't have a solution.

The message is the one sh gives when asked to execute something
that does not exist or that it doesn't have permission to read.
I have seen a similar error on package install but that was caused
by the file permissions not being all+read.  This isn't the case
here as checkinstall is 644.

Note that for testing this you can directly install common with:
# pkg-get -i common

Perhaps truss output of pkgadd is needed.  First download the
package and uncompress:

$ wget 
$ gunzip common-1.4.2-SunOS5.8-sparc-CSW.pkg.gz

Then truss:
# truss -f pkgadd -d common-1.4.2-SunOS5.8-sparc-CSW.pkg all

Send the out directly to me or post via a URL; I suspect the whole
user list doesn't want to see it.

I can think of a workaround: download, pkgtrans, run checkinstall
manually, remove checkinstall from package, repackage, pkgadd.
However, I'd really like to understand the original error, anyone
else care to contribute?


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