[csw-users] CSW KDE

John Weeks jweeks at gis.usu.edu
Fri Jun 10 19:02:22 CEST 2005

To resolve the " Could not find 'iceauth' in path" issue
I had to add /usr/openwin/bin to my path in my .cshrc

As per Ihsan Dogan, I added the following into my /etc/init.d/dtlogin script

mkdir -p /tmp/.ICE-unix
chmod 1777 /tmp/.ICE-unix
chown root:sys /tmp/.ICE-unix

As per Thomas Amm I checked the following:
- /export/home is not mounted at boot time.
- kde_dtlogin is not installed
- there's an old .profile or .bashrc or .kderc in your home dir
- /opt/csw/bin is not in $PATH
- /opt is not mounted at boot time

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