[csw-users] New sasl breaks saslpasswd2?

Alex S Moore asmoore at blastwave.org
Mon Jun 20 14:36:36 CEST 2005

Robert Stampfli wrote:
> Jun 20 00:27:59 stampfli su: 'su robr' succeeded for res on /dev/pts/9
> Jun 20 00:28:03 stampfli saslpasswd2[4520]: sql_select option missing
> Jun 20 00:28:03 stampfli saslpasswd2[4520]: auxpropfunc error no mechanism available

I am seeing those two lines from various applications that have SASL 
compiled in.  I researched this about a week ago and the messages appear 
to be harmless.  There may be a way to stop the messages, but I have not 
found it.

The closest that I found was to add a file for the application, like 
Slapd.conf, with contents of 'auxprop_plugin: slapd', but I do not know 
where the file goes.  I tried in /opt/csw/lib/sasl/ and 
/opt/csw/etc/sasl2/, but that made no difference.  With the application 
being saslpasswd2, I do not know what to do.

> Jun 20 00:28:04 stampfli saslpasswd2[4520]: unable to open Berkeley db /opt/csw/etc/sasldb2: Is a directory

FWIW, I recently made a version update for Berkeley db.  See the 'View 
news and notes' page for the package for upgrade instructions of 
existing databases.

  > I can create an sasldb2 file elsewhere using the '-f' option,
> but I have no idea where the official repository is.
> (Perhaps it's in the new directory, but under what name?)
> Can someone with a better understanding of how SASL works
> say whether this is a real bug that needs to be reported,
> whether there is another protocol to follow for creating
> the DB now, or whether there is something else that I am
> completely missing?

Sorry, not any help here.  Damjan is the sasl maintainer.  I do not know 
if he monitors this list.  If you do not get an answer from the list, I 
would send him a message from the CSWsasl web page.


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