[csw-users] FAM and Solaris 10

Chad Kellerman ckellerman at alabanza.com
Tue Jun 21 21:38:11 CEST 2005

I am wondering what type of support for Solaris 10 blastwave has?  The
reason I ask is that I installed Solaris 10 on my Ultra 60, then
installed pkg-get, along with a few other packages.  I was configuring
Courier-Imap and began getting error messages in syslog about FAM.

The Courier-Imap package includes FAM support,  

ldd imapd
        libfam.so.0 =>   /opt/csw/lib/sparcv8/libfam.so.0

But the install of FAM may be out dated.  The installation of FAM only
adds a line to /etc/inetd.conf (/etc/net/inetd.conf).  But with Solaris
10, that's not good enough anymore.  The whole smf/inetconv/inetadm
system needs to be considered.

  I was just wondering if anyone else has run into this issue with other
Solaris 10 packages, and if so, are they supported?  Should bug reports
be filed.

Thanks for the help.


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