[csw-users] How to use gcc to build from source, etc.?

James Lee james at blastwave.org
Sat Jun 25 16:53:42 CEST 2005

On 24/06/05, 21:30:45, Josh Kuperman <josh.kuperman at gmail.com> wrote
regarding Re: [csw-users] How to use gcc to build from source, etc.?:

> when setting this stuff up. I found that the configure program was
> checking for tons of programs that were installed when I installed
> gcc3, but being gnu versions they all had 'g' in front of the name,
> that the configure script was looking for.  I simply created symlinks
> for these files as needed so ld would be found in /opt/csw/bin and
> gld would be invoked.

Try gnulinks, see:
gld is not part of it though.  Anything wrong with ld for your needs?

> It aslo becam clear to me that I'm not building
> optimal code, because I need to pass options to the compiler telling
> it that I'm using two ROSS HyperSparc CPUs. I have no idea either what
> the options are or  how to indicate this.

-mcpu=hypersparc -mtune=hypersparc

Go on, try info's find command on the gcc docs. :-)

Don't get excited, most programs are compiled for a generic base
platform anyway.

> useable gnome, I can not build the alternative Window Managers. KDE
> shows up as an option, but I wind up back at the sign in screen after
> two minuters when I try to use it.

CSW's KDE is not sun4m compatible.  Please file a bug.

> As this machine is slower than in should be - probably because I don't
> have code built for the twin CPUs optimized to the machine, I hsould
> probably rebuild most programs.

No, few programs take advantage of more than one CPUs.  It's not a
compiler issue.  You will gain mainly when 2 programs run at the same
time.  Use "gmake -j 2" to speed compiling.

> So I would appreciate it if people want to tell me what I did wrong,
> or simply suggest, better ways to set up gcc3 and also, how on earth I
> could find help on figuring out how to take advantage of  my decade
> old high-end configuration. While most people who dealt with them are
> probably still alive I doubt they would care. (I figure the twin
> HyperSparc set up should run at least as fast as a 500MHz celeron -

No.  Coincidentally I happen to have both a 125MHz Ross Sparc20 and a
500MHz Celeron - not even close.


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