[csw-users] bacula packages for testing

Alex S Moore asmoore at blastwave.org
Mon Mar 14 14:32:27 CET 2005

Hi, Luke

Luke Youngblood wrote:
> I hadn't heard of this package before, but a quick googling turned up some
> interesting info.  Alex, I'm just curious, do you find this to be a good
> solution for network backup?  How does it compare to a Veritas Netbackup or
> Legato Networker solution?  Does it support SCSI jukeboxes?  Thanks for the
> info and for interesting me in this package:

I have not migrated my small network to Bacula, so I cannot speak from 
much experience.  At least, not at this time.  I think that it is a very 
good product.  Veritas Netbackup is a very different solution from 
Bacula.  If memory serves me, Netbackup will keep only one copy of a 
file that is duplicated on many hosts.  I do not think that Bacula does 
this.  I am not familiar with Legato Networker.

You may want to setup a test environment and see what you think.  Bacula 
is used in large installations with various tape products.  I do not 
know about SCSI jukeboxes.

I would go to bacula.org and read some of the documentation.  The online 
documentation is fairly extensive.  Bacula is certainly less costly than 
commercial solutions and support from the mailing list is quite good.


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