[csw-users] Problem with the CSW install of KDE-GCC on Solaris 10

Andy Chandler achandler at visionael.com
Wed Nov 2 18:27:06 CET 2005

Greetings, pardon a newbie here but I'm having a problem with something that
previously worked for me without any problems at all!
We have a couple of boxes here one of which had solairs 10 - its a sun blade
2000 box and I originally had a plain vanilla solaris 10 install on it and
then installed pkg-get and downloaded without problem kde_gcc package....it
worked great.   The box suffered a hard drive problem which necessitated
replacing the drive and re-installing the OS.   This time I think I made the
following mistakes:
1: Installed companion CD - this actually put KDE 3.1 under the /opt/sfw
2: Chose a language specification of en_US.ISO8859-1  ??? (not sure if it
should have been UTF or something else)
2: Installed PKG-GET and KDE_GCC BEFORE  I remembered the solaris patch
3: then installed Patch cluster.
KDE starts but no icons and the animated startup progress screen looks like
a bunch of colored blocks - basically there are no graphical resources -
originally I had graphics but just no title bars for minimizing / maximizing
windows but now I've lost even the basic desktop icons and the kicker icons.
I've since tried De-installing with pkgrm every package with CSW as the
prefix, deleted the /opt/csw structure and reinstalled everything.   I can
get a kde desktop but no graphics.   I figure I must have messed up a shared
resource that CSW links to?   Could it be a temp cache thing somewhere?
For what its worth CDE and the JDS desktops load and run great.   Also this
problem occurs both directly on the box or with a remote window manager
tunneled over ssh.

Andrew Chandler 

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