[csw-users] Problem with the CSW install of KDE-GCC on Solaris 10

Markus Mayer mmayer at blastwave.org
Thu Nov 3 03:34:00 CET 2005

On Wednesday, 02 Nov 2005 09:27 -0800, Andy Chandler wrote:

> KDE starts but no icons and the animated startup progress screen
> looks like a bunch of colored blocks - basically there are no
> graphical resources - originally I had graphics but just no title
> bars for minimizing / maximizing windows but now I've lost even the
> basic desktop icons and the kicker icons.

You may have run into the same problem I saw this week-end after
upgrading to the latest KDE from unstable: the windows didn't have
frames around them (as if no window-manager was running), the panel
looked weird, etc.

In this case your KDE problems won't have anything to do with what you
did, that would just be coincidence.

for more.

If you click on [Main] from there you'll see this note:

  In relation to Solaris 8/9, a move was made to start including kwin
  and kxkb in KDE under Solaris. You'll find the main kdebase packages


  Or, the older stable package:

I just checked, it has not been propagated to the mirrors yet, so
you'll have to grab that package from testing and install it manually.

  gzip -d kdebase_gcc-3.4.3,REV=2005.10.27-SunOS5.8-sparc-CSW.pkg.gz
  pkgrm CSWkdebasegcc
  pkgadd -d kdebase_gcc-3.4.3,REV=2005.10.27-SunOS5.8-sparc-CSW.pkg

Hope that helps.


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