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Scott Walker crimson at unspeakable.org
Mon Apr 17 16:32:34 CEST 2006

OT semi, How does this policy flow through to maintainers for offical
distro sites? I've been trying for about 6 months now to get on the
distro list. As I've been mirroring it since then. I've submitted my
info on the "sign up here to become a mirror" But that never resulted in
a Hello, welcome, or a good bye sorry we're full ATM. Some kind of a
response would be nice.

Once again slightly OT, but this fits under the policies section and I
was curious :)

Thomas F. Schiller wrote:
| Hello,
| I am not very happy about what you wrote:-(
| Well, I can understand that blastwave wants to know the maintainer on
the other hand there are already a lot of packages old.
| Python for example and I got already software not running on the old
blastwave version.
| I am using sylpheed-claws 2.1.0 RC2, there is already 2.1.1. I am not
blaming Alex because he is maintaining a lot of packages and imho
Sylpheed-claws (including the dependencies)  is already enough work for
one freelancer who is not paid for the work.
| I am really impressed what big amount of work Alex is doing and
because of this I installed sun studio to build packages of my own.
| BUT I read this I don't have the hope that I may do it for blastwave
in the near future.
| So I will sit down and wait that less and less people are doing more
and more work.
| I am becoming angry when I am reading sentences like this:
| "But some measures, as I am sure you will agree, need to be enforced
to ensure safety and quality.
| Quality means (well at least in my company here in Germany) also that
emails are answered and the fulfillment of commitments.
| To make it clear: I ordered a DVD last October, I started a research
at Germans customs in February, they never received a DVD with my name
on it.
| One email was answered after I complained about it. The email with the
results of the German customs is still unanswered.
| On Fri, 14 Apr 2006 14:16:15 -0400
| "Eric Enright" <eric.enright at gmail.com> wrote:
|> Hello,
|> The forwarded message is from a discussion on osol-discuss concerning
|> myself and the identity verification required of new Blastwave
|> maintainers.  As I mentioned in the thread, I am willing to work with
|> whoever/do whatever to get my identity proven.
|> Currently I am a part time Computer Programmer Analyst student at
|> Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, Canada and graduate this year.
|> In the fall I will be (acceptance pending) attending The University of
|> Western Ontario in Computer Sciences.  I do currently work full time,
|> but in a non-technical field, and my employer likely doesn't care
|> about any of this.
|> I want to work with Blastwave because I depend on it for a number of
|> applications and libraries.  Most software I do build for myself is
|> linked against it, and I have seen mention at various times of others
|> wanting some of this same software built on Solaris.  Thus, it makes
|> sense to me to get it integrated.
|> So, what can we do?
|> Regards,
|> Eric
|> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
|> From: Dennis Clarke <dclarke at blastwave.org>
|> Date: Apr 14, 2006 7:41 AM
|> Subject: Re: [osol-discuss] Project proposal: Nevada Companion Software
|> To: Eric Enright <eric.enright at gmail.com>
|> Cc: casper.dik at sun.com, Stefan Teleman <stefan.teleman at gmail.com>,
|> opensolaris-discuss at opensolaris.org, Glynn Foster
|> <glynn.foster at sun.com>, phil at blastwave.org
|>> Twice over the past two years I have made attempts at joining the
|>> Blastwave maintainer community, only to ultimately be rejected because
|>> I do not have a "work email address" (I am a student (older student,
|>> far from a freshman)).  This was explained to me by Phil Brown as
|>> being for legal reasons, as employers are more responsible for the
|>> actions of their employees than educational institutions are.  Fair
|>> enough, this makes some sense to me, especially considering the
|>> setting of many Solaris installations.
|>> In that regard, there is /some/ exclusivity at Blastwave.  This rather
|>> put me off, since one of the projects has accepted patches by me in
|>> the past which provides Solaris support (Licq), and another one of the
|>> projects now lists packages created by me on their homepage (gtkpod).
|>> The latter even has CSW dependencies, and was created using modified
|>> cswutils scripts.
|>> This post is a bit offtopic, I admit, but "exclusivity" activated
|>> something in my brain like a keyword.  I am a happy Blastwave user who
|>> has been following most of this discussion.
|> Eric, this is a really tough policy.  It is tough to enforce and tough to
|> tell people, good people, that no, we can not have you building software
|> that will be running in the servers at Lockheed Martin, NASA and MIT.
|> issue of liability has been a very tough one but it was needed.
|> Let's consider the posibility that someone joins and claims to be a
|> programmer for company XYZ Inc.  In truth they work for no one.  We
call up
|> company XYZ to confirm that they actually work there and then someone
|> say "yes, they work here and we will put you right through."
|> In truth it is two people in the same room and their business is to
|> servers with really nasty software.
|> So we have another stage of verification.  Someone must actually know
|> person and be able to verify them.  Also a really tough policy to
|> I think we had a person in Germany that waited for a while before someone
|> could drive over to them and meet them.  We also had to say goodbye to
|> another valuable maintainer because he could not be verified.
|> Have there been exceptions?  Absolutely.  No one ever questioned Eric
|> Boutilier or Torrey McMahon (
http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/torrey ) or
|> Jörg Schilling.  But some measures, as I am sure you will agree, need
to be
|> enforced to ensure safety and quality.
|> Clearly we need to look at your case again.
|> --
|> Dennis Clarke
|> --
|> Eric Enright
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