[csw-users] Solaris 9 + GNOME 2.8 / KDE 3.4 + Xvnc problem

Tony Lewis gnutered at yahoo.com.au
Thu Apr 27 05:56:06 CEST 2006

I reported a bug a few days ago: 

Is anyone else seeing this problem?  It seems that when I run Xvnc at 
depth > 8, and try to log into a GNOME 2.8 or KDE 3.4 session, on a 
SPARC Solaris 9 box, I get a segfault.

If I change any variable (CDE instead of GNOME/KDE, Sol 10 instead of 9, 
XDMCP rather than VNC, or depth = 8), it works.  None of those are 
acceptable to my current problem, though, so I'm seeking some help in 
fixing this.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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