[csw-users] Problem with PKGADDFLAGS in pkg-get.conf

Arieh Markel Arieh.Markel at Sun.COM
Sat Jan 28 00:56:49 CET 2006

I am trying to use pkg-get to populate a repository inside of an nfs-server.

I am therefore trying to find a solution to pass "-R <reloc-dir>" via 
to the pkg* utilities.

1. RFE: it would be nice to allow 'pass-thru' switches that are passed 
to the
        pkg* utilities.

2. I tried to include the '-R <reloc-dir>' inside the PKGADDFLAGS variable
   in the config file.

  # Solaris 10: If you wish to limit pkg-get to installing packages
  # ONLY to the global zone, then uncomment this line
  PKGADDFLAGS=-R /export/sparc

   The -R appears to have been consumed. The <reloc-dir> was tried to be
   invoked. (I also tried to enclose the flags in quotes).

  -bash-3.00# ./pkg-get -i arc
  ./pkg-get[1770]: /export/sparc: cannot execute

   The installation (into the unintended location - /opt/csw) proceeded.

   I also tried to see if it takes effect when trying to install a package
   I already have (but in the /opt/csw hierarchy):

  -bash-3.00# ./pkg-get -i python
No worries... you already have version 2.3.5,REV=2005.12.18 of python
If you doubt this message, run 'pkg-get -U', then run
 'pkg-get upgrade python'


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