[csw-users] xfig honouring command line options?

Mike Patterson mpatters at cs.uwaterloo.ca
Thu May 18 18:39:26 CEST 2006

First time poster, first time user.  Quick summary: I have xfig
installed on a Solaris 8 machine here, and it doesn't seem to honour any
command line options passed to it (through the xfig script) or most (if
calling xfigbin directly).  Caveat: I'm not a regular xfig user, I'm
trying to sort this issue out for a couple of researchers here.

If I run "xfig -h", I just get xfig.  If I run "xfigbin -h", I get the
help screen as expected.  In neither case does "-nosplash" seem to have
any effect - I get the splash screen regardless.  Other options like
-startgridline don't seem to be honoured either.

I've set my path to (my linebreak)


xfigbin behaves the same if I set XFILESEARCHPATH manually and call it
directly.  If I call xfigbin directly without having set that, xfig
warns that my app-defaults file is either very old or not present (it's
the latter, I believe).

Am I doing something incorrectly, or should I file a bug report against

We're using the unstable distribution, so it's xfig 3.2.4.  One
potential problem is /opt/csw is exported via NFS to the host on which
we'd like to be running xfig - no idea if this is recommended or not, so
please correct me if so.



If the code and the comments disagree, then both are probably wrong.
- Norm Schryer

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