[csw-users] CUPS 1.2.3 problems

pjama pjama at optusnet.com.au
Wed Oct 11 22:35:37 CEST 2006

Markus Mayer wrote:
> Hi Peter,
>> Certainly the symptoms are the same and you are right, the
>> pstoraster.convs file is missing. This file WAS there earlier....
>> hmmm...thinking...
>> In my desperation on trying to get this going I removed all printing
>> packages and did a pkg-get -i cups.
>> I think I deleted espgs but it's not a dependency of cups so wasn't
>> re-installed. The file pstoraster.convs is part of espgs.
>> ATM I've reverted to 1.1.23 just to keep the users happy.
> If you get a chance, could you give CUPS 1.2.3 another try and install
> ESPGS as well?

OK. Installed again. I installed ESPGS last and it now works. 

> I might change CUPS and make ESPGS a dependency. The reason I didn't do
> it so far is because ESPGS is not required in all cases and I didn't
> want to force users to have to install it.

Nice thought. ESGPS is preety big.

> Under Debian, ESPGS is a recommendation, not a dependency. The best way
> to do that with the System V packaging system is to have a postinstall
> script check for the presence of ESPGS and print out a warning. That
> might be another option.

That's probably a good start. I'd like to see the logging describe the problem a bit better. I'm sure there are case where it says "hint: install espgs" or something similar. 

> Regards,
> -Markus

Thanks for your help (and the package)

Peter Arnold 

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