[csw-users] nagiosp lost in Repositories

James Lee james at blastwave.org
Fri Oct 20 15:20:28 CEST 2006

On 20/10/06, 12:30:20, Jan Dreyer <dreyerja at uni-paderborn.de> wrote
regarding Re: [csw-users] nagiosp lost in Repositories:

> what I meant in my original posting was, that nagiosp _has_been_ in
> stable but got lost.

Yes, it has been and what's more the self same version.  In general
terms that might have been a mistake or because the conditions of
the dependants have changed.  It is because a depend has a flagged
problem that has gone too long unfixed.

> That is strange:
> - the package nrpe is still in stable, with dependancy "nagiosp" ...

That's mistake.  Pruning didn't go deep enough but you are no worse
off than if they are not there.  It just looks stupid.

> - why is the deletion not published?

Don't know other that things need reasons to happen not no reason to
not happen.

> - if nagiosp isn't returning soon to stable: Is it possible to set the
> dependencies in a way that allows me to install it in a "stable"
> environment without updating openssl etc.?

Manually and ignore the warnings:

# ARCH=`uname -p`
# wget http://blastwave.berlios.de/csw/unstable/${ARCH}/5.8/nagiosp-1.\
# gunzip nagiosp-1.4.3,REV=2006.05.18-SunOS5.8-${ARCH}-CSW.pkg.gz
# pkgadd -d nagiosp-1.4.3,REV=2006.05.18-SunOS5.8-${ARCH}-CSW.pkg all

That should be safe as the nagiosp package hasn't change for ages, if
you were happy with it before you will be again.

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